DAS BETT - Live Music Club, Germany

DAS BETT is a music club with a musical program far away from the mainstream, which included all imaginable music styles from happy electro pop to wild garage rock and offers a stage for both established underground stars and up-and-coming newcomer bands. Thus, DAS BETT developed early on into one of the most important cultural institutions in Frankfurt. In more than 10 years more than 1.500 artists have been performing. The demand on the technical equipment is accordingly very high.

The operators and owners of the club, themselves FOH people with many years of experience in the tour business, work with passion for music and want to offer their guests and artists a high quality sound experience. In 2017 DAS BETT was rebuilt and technically modernized. They chose a Voice-Acoustic sound system and stage monitors.

Two Modular-15 in a horizontal array with rotated horns are used per stage side. One Modular-10 is installed in the middle as nearfill and two Modular-10 as sidefills. Three Paveosub-218 provide the necessary low end.

For stage monitoring eight CXN-16 and one Paveosub-118 as drumfill with a stacked CXN-16 were chosen.

All speakers are driven by HDSP-6A and HDSP-4A system amplifiers. Even bands with other equipment on their technical rider are full of compliments about the new sound in DAS BETT. The good sound quality with alot of headroom has also spread quickly nationwide among the artists and booking agencies and has provided for additional bookings of the club from other music genres.

The equipment was installed by Voice-Acoustic's base partner Audio-Frankfurt, Jens Simeitis, who also uses Voice-Acoustic in his rental stock.

Installed Voice-Acoustic equipment: