A racing car does not drive to victory of its own accord. It depends on the driver, who controls it!

Voice Acoustic HDSP amplifiers have built in presets for all loudspeaker systems and various user possibilities. This greatly facilitates their practicality. Simply select the appropriate preset, load, connect the speakers and you are ready.

In addition, our VAW-speed remote network enables remote control and remote monitoring of the HDSP system amplifier 12 and the Voice Acoustic self-powered speakers in one group. You can access by software and wireless networks on each channel DSP amplifier, adjust, set, control and monitor the entire sound system on the screen.

Even complex applications and larger configurations can be easily and conveniently adjusted and monitored in this way. You just have to know how!

Every Acoustic Voice customer and channel partner is offered workshops by appointment, and training for you and your staff explaining the possibilities and applications of our systems, ensuring that you are first across the Finish Line!