• 4 x 8"/4 x 1", column line array
  • Very high performance, nearly 140 dB at only 35 kg weight
  • Click-in flyware, tool-free flying mechanism
  • Dual-tilt high stand flange 0° and 5
  • Oversized HF unit for very low distortion, smooth highs and clarity
  • Asymmetrical energy distribution with concentration of energy at long distance
  • Even volume from front to rear
  • Discreet and very elegant design
  • Optional design stand in identical look

The Voice-Acoustic VENIA-8 is a 2-way bi-amplified column line array loudspeaker, equipped with 4 x 8" drivers and 4 x 1" compression drivers. The high-frequency drivers are coupled to a line array waveguide and produce a dispersion angle of 100° horizontally and 0°/-20° vertically via a large horn.

The HF section of the VENIA series provides a vertically asymmetrical sound pressure coverage with a plane wavefront. The principle of larger line arrays is transferred to the VENIA loudspeakers in a compact column format: the high-frequency energy is bundled to cover longer distances and the near filed is covered by curving with a lower energy content distributed to a larger area. The result is a very balanced level distribution across the entire listening area with very homogeneous sound distribution. This gives VENIA-8 an enormous advantage as a single loudspeaker and is also easier and faster to set up and commission than conventional line array systems.

Energy coverage VENIA Series: Very even volume coverage from front to back
Energy coverage VENIA Series: Very even volume coverage from front to back
Energy coverage conventional loudspeaker: Loud at the front and quiet at the back
Energy coverage conventional loudspeaker: Loud at the front and quiet at the back

With its slim appearance, the VENIA series makes a valuable appearance in all mobile applications and in fixed installations. The beautifully curved front grille with discreet mini-honeycomb perforation and large R50 side radii makes the loudspeaker look very elegant and integrate discretely even in architecturally sophisticated surroundings. With the optional X-Tension, a designer stand with the same enclosure format, the VENIA-8 becomes a design sculpture and can be raised to a visually appealing height. A steel base plate is available to ensure that the X-Tension stands securely. In addition, the X-Tension can be mounted on any subwoofer with an M20 flange.

Due to its low crossover frequency, the VENIA-8 can be combined with any subwoofer. With its above-average performance of almost 140 dB at a weight of just 35 kg, it is also a powerful Main-PA in combination with several subwoofers. A stereo pair of VENIA-8s can be combined with up to eight Paveosub-118. Thanks to the powerful high-frequency driver unit, the VENIA-8 always plays in a relaxed and pleasant manner, even at high volumes, and meets even the highest sonic demands.

The VENIA-8's sophisticated detail solutions and extensive range of accessories allow for a wide variety of applications and installations. The integrated pole mount, the tool-free mountable Voice-Acoustic Easyfly mechanism, or the U- and C-bracket and various M10 mounting points leave nothing to be desired. For best handling in mobile operation, up to 20 u-shaped handles can be mounted vertically and horizontally on the rear. A safety cable for secondary safety can be attached with a single-stud. Two VENIA loudspeakers can be operated in head stacking configuration, which extends the range of applications.

Like the other Voice-Acoustic loudspeakers, the housing is made of sturdy birch plywood of highest quality: CNC milled, grooved, screwed and waterproof glued. The surface is protected by a stable and moisture-resistant polyurea coating in black. White speakers and special colours with 2K textured paint are optional available. The Voice-Acoustic VENIA series sets a new standard in performance and design for high-performance column line array loudspeakers.


The VENIA-8 is bi-amping operated on two channels (1.580 W/8 Ω + 450 W/8 Ω) of the HDSP-6 amplifiers. This way both channels can be limited, filtered, separated from each other and compensated for time differences.

The woofer and compression driver is in 8 Ω.

Two VENIA-8 bi-amping can be connected to one HDSP-6.

VENIA-8 via HDSP-6
VENIA-8 via HDSP-6

Technical Data

LF: 4 x 8" Neodym woofer with 2,5" voice coil
HF: 4 x 1" Neodym compression driver with 1,75" voice coil

Frequency range
56 Hz - 19 kHz (- 10 dB)
72 Hz - 16 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Coverage range (h x v)
100° x 0°/ -20°

LF: 8 Ω
HF: 8 Ω

Powerhandling (AES / Program / Peak)
LF: 1.000 W / 2.000 W / 4.000 W
HF: 160 W / 320 W / 640 W

Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
LF: 103 dB SPL
HF: 109 dB SPL

Sound pressure at (AES / Program / Peak)
130 dB SPL / 136 dB SPL / 139 dB SPL

2 x NEUTRIK NL4 IN/OUT 1+/1- (4-pole looped-through)

Polyurea coating in RAL 9005

Dimensions / Weight
1.336 (H) x 245 (W) x 336 mm (D) / 35,0 kg



Flightcase for VENIA-8

Item no. 504803000

Heavy-duty flightcase for up to two VENIA-8 or two X-Tension kits. The VENIA-8 fits into the case with the handles and X-Tension mechanism mounted. 4 Blue Wheels, 2 large butterflys, 8 large folding handles and 4 stacking recesses in the lid. 9,5 mm wood with black and scratch-resistant surface, stable 35 x 35 mm edge profile with 2.5 mm material thickness and 5 mm outer radius and recessed rivet groove. Dimensions/Weight: 1.452 (h) x 585 (w) x 456 mm (d) / 50,0 kg.

Carrying bag for VENIA-8 or X-Tension Kit

Item no. 504802000

Carrying bag for 1 x VENIA-8 or 1 x X-Tension Kit VENIA-6 and VENIA-8. Sturdy Codura fabric with padding. With reinforced double handles and straps, and six reinforced carrying handles on the sides.

Tilting and swivelling wall holder heavy-duty

Item no. 404004001

Wall bracket with large wall plate for heavy loudspeakers. Flat design with small distance between wall and speaker. The mounted speaker can be swiveled sideways and tilted up to 20° in 1° steps. Vertical slippage after adjustment of the tilt angle is eliminated by a hole pattern. Easy installation thanks to practical hanging and screwing. Two truss clamps can be mounted for use on vertical trusses. Max. load capacity 80 kg.

U-bracket for U-bracket for VENIA-8

Item no. 404801001

Stable swivel bracket for installation on trusses and ceiling. 2 x M10 hexagon head screws included in delivery.

C-bracket for VENIA-8

Item no. 404803001

Stable swivel bracket for vertical installation on trusses, walls or columns. 2 x M10 hexagon head screws included in delivery.

Hand lever M10 x 30 mm

Item no. 600781030

Hand lever M10 x 30 mm, adjustable, flat design, steel black burnished with plastic lever, suitable for all U- and C-brackets.

Headstacking connector for VENIA series

Item no. 409999001

Headstacking connector in set of 4. Fits both VENIA column line arrays. For connecting two VENIAs in headstacking.

Headstacking flying equipment for VENIA-8

Item no. 404807001

The headstacking flight equipment is attached to the side walls of the VENIA-8 column line array by means of existing countersunk screws. With receptacle for EasyFly mechanism, ring eyes and self-lock hook.

X-Tension Kit for VENIA-8

Item no. 504807000

The 133.6 cm high X-Tension Kit is inserted between the subwoofer and VENIA-8 to bring the speaker column to a visually appealing height. Connection cables can be elegantly routed through it. The mechanics allow a quick and uncomplicated assembly by means of locking bolts. The X-Tension Kit can be mounted on any subwoofer or steel base plate with M20 threaded mounting. To transport the X-Tension Kit, the carrying bag or the flight case of the VENIA-8 can be used.

Multifunctional steel floor plate

Item no. 920200529

Solid steel base plate in elegant shape. 78 x 78 cm with two M20 flanges for mounting the VENIA X-Tension or two distance rods for e.g. one loudspeaker and one longer light distance rod. 5 x rear countersinks for mounting half-cone truss screw-on connectors to accommodate 3- or 4-point truss. Base plate has 4 floor-saving rubber feet that must be unscrewed when using heavy loads with trusses to prevent the plate from flexing. Large handles allow two hands to grasp each handle cutout. Weight 41.5 kg.

Carrying bag for Multifunctional steel floor plate

Item no. 9B9997878

Sturdy bag made of water-repellent Codura fabric, with space for a multi-function steel base plate 78 x 78 cm. The bag has a padded carrying handle and two handle cutouts. Zippers have not been used because they could be damaged by their own weight when the plate is put down. Instead, the bag is closed with large Velcro fasteners.

Aluminum bracket handle

Item no. 999995651

Bracket handle with screw set for VENIA-6 and VENIA-8. Can be mounted horizontally and vertically at any position on the back panel. The VENIA Heavy-Duty Flightcases and Carrying bags can be used with mounted bracket handles. Height 4.9 cm, length 11.2 cm, width 2 cm, weight 0.077 kg.


Item no. 409991001

Tool-free flight-mechanics for clicking and exact alignment of the speaker in the horizontal and vertical axis. Removable recording for example the self-lock clamp included.

Carrying bag for Easyfly-Mechanics

Item no. 409992000

Carrying bag for up to two Easyfly-Mechanics with attached truss clamp plus accessory compartment for e.g. two safetys with single studs.

Self-lock clamp

Item no. 999950731

Loudspeakers can be flown by one person with the self-lock clamp. The clamp hooks directly into the truss and can be easily tightened. Load capacity 250 kg.

Multifunctional rotating ceiling bracket

Item no. 409998001

For hanging speakers from ceilings using steel cables or chains and various accessories. Horizontal alignment due to central pivot axis. Max. load: 60 kg. Available in white and black. Supplied without further mounting accessories.

Universal suspension device for flight mechanics

Item no. 409992001

For suspending speakers from very high ceilings or trusses. Prevents speakers from twisting due to two parallel steel cables or chains and allows horizontal alignment due to central pivot axis. Suitable for Easyfly mechanics, LA-Stick flying mechanics, Ikarray-8 flying mechanics and all U- and C-brackets. Delivery without further mounting accessories.

Wall console for flight hardware

Item no. 409994901

Wall mount bracket made of steel with aluminium tube for hanging loudspeakers on walls by using truss clamps and loudspeaker-specific flying hardware. The outriggers of the wall bracket have a row of holes so that the truss clamps, which hold the aluminium tube, can be repositioned. This allows the distance between the speakers and the wall to be varied. All components are black powder-coated. Delivery includes: 2 x wall console, 2 x truss clamps, 1 x 600 mm aluminium tube 50 x3 mm, 2 x plastic caps for the tube. Max. load 75 kg, static calculation available.

Single stud

Item no. 999957450

Single stud for securing a loudspeaker with safety cable.

Screwable quick connect

Item no. 999908000

Screwable quick connect member for e.g. single and double stud fittings or safetys.

Safety 6/1000

Item no. 999963100

1 m safety cable 6 mm Ø for securing a suspended loudspeaker. One side with a screwable quick connect.

Speaker stand crank

Item no. 999921300

Stable stand for cranking with double protection against falling. Height: 139 to 218 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Speaker stand

Item no. 999921467

Stable stand with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Double protection against falling. Height: 132 - 220 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Distance rod with crank

Item no. 999921340

Distance rod for cranking with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Height: 92 - 152 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Telescopic rod

Item no. 999921368

Telescopic rod with expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base. Height: 110 to 180 cm. Max. load capacity: 35 kg.

Ring-Lock adapter

Item no. 999921441

Adapter for mounting on stands or speaker rods. With Expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker.

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999920000

Carrying bag for two speaker stands or distance rods, also with crank. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles. Material waterproof nylon.

Cable Clip for speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999935000

The cable clip made of robust, durable ABS plastic is specially designed for speaker stands and distance rods with 35 - 36 mm tube. It adheres firmly to the tube and holds the cables securely and neatly in the 24 x 16 mm guide accessible from the outside.

speakON cable 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.

speakON adapter

Item no. 999654669

Adapter to connect two speaker cables.