Our target during the development of the Voice-Acoustic PA-Tower (VAPATO) was to achieve a discreet, galable appearance with a small footprint and a maximum height of less than five meters (so that no construction book is required and only the proof of stability is sufficient).

The tower can be erected by only one person using a hand winch and a pluggable erection aid. A motor winch or chain hoist is not necessary here and therefore no power connection. By means of a stop plate on the suspension cable/load chain, no fixing is necessary for assembly the mast. With the same suspension cable/load chain, the loudspeakers are then brought up to height.

The safety factor plays a special role. Up to 400 kg of PA technology is possible at the foremost attachment point of the head section with double safety. The second independent safety device runs parallel under and behind the suspension cable/load chain and at the same time prevents the loudspeakers from turning or swinging. This is simply attached at ground level to the tower base.

In addition, the secondary fuse can also be used for vertical alignment of the loudspeakers.

All deflection pulleys of the tower are multi deflection pulleys and can be used with steel cables or chains. The front pulleys of the stop and securing point of the head section can be moved without tools (the closer to the mast, the higher the load capacity).

The tower elements are available with the usual cone connectors or Silence quick connectors. The Silence quick-release connectors enable particularly fast and quiet assembly - the usual assembly via hammer, bolt and cotter pin is replaced by a low-noise quick-release connection system.

  • Very discreet and gala-suitable
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • All components black powder-coated
  • The PA Tower with the Smallest Space Requirement
  • Compact design with standard 290 mm four-belt truss
  • Stand area only 164 x 132 cm and 174 x 140 cm with slip-on foot outrigger
  • Height less than 5 m, therefore no building book required only proof of stability
  • Pipe profiles visible to the public, closed with cover caps, also the head section
  • Front long foot stabilizer with short, above flush spindle foot for discreet optics
  • Flush front spindle foot prevents risk of stumbling and injury to the audience
  • Attachable short foot stabilizer with long threaded spindle for more adjustment range
  • Load capacity at the foremost attachment point of the head section 400 kg In- 300 kg Outdoor
  • No balasing necessary for indoor applications without indoor winch
  • Deflection pulleys for use with steel cables or optionally chain hoists
  • Stop and safety points in the head section can be moved without tools
  • No securing / dead hanging above, level secondary securing below at the base/mast
  • Secondary securing runs parallel under & behind the suspension cable/load chain, not next to it
  • Secondary safety device prevents the load from twisting, without wind no tensioning required
  • Secondary fuse can be used for vertical alignment of speakers
  • Easy & convenient assembly of the mast by means of manual winch & pluggable assembly aid
  • Power-saving, safe and high-quality 900-kg AL-KO manual winch with 8 mm steel cable
  • To be built by only one person
  • No power connection necessary for mounting and lifting the load
  • No fixing of the steel cable necessary for assembly of the mast due to stop plate
  • PA Tower with the world's smallest transport dimension
  • All components (without traverse) of a tower go in a 120 x 60 cm flightcase.
  • Low-cost basic version with anchor points for chain hoists and securing at the base
  • Existing truss elements can be used
  • Locking bolt for fixing the foot stabilizer positioned in Base, protected during transport
  • Locking bolt screwed and not welded, can be replaced by the user in case of defect
  • Built-in circular bubble for levelling the tower
  • Spindle feet with large contact surface and rubber inlay to protect the ground
  • Easier and cheaper to test than fork lifts (UVV according to DGUV regulation 17)
  • Designed and developed by Voice-Acoustic in Germany
  • Static calculation from Germany
  • Manufactured in Germany by HOF-ALUTEC

Technical Data

Truss system
4 conical connector truss 290-4

Construction height/lifting height
4,90 m/4,70 m or 6,4 m/6,2 m

Load capacity
Indoor without dynamic load up to 400 kg / Outdoor max. 300 kg

Floor area
164 (w) x 132 cm (d) and 174 (w) x 140 cm (d) with clip-on foot stabilizer

Indoor: max. 80 kg ballast needed
Outdoor: max. 275 kg ballast needed

up to max. wind force of 15 m/sec with max. 1.5 m² wind attack area


VAPATO Set & Accessoires

VAPATO Basic Set without Truss*


*Additional requirements for operation: 2 x 1 m, 2 x 1,5 m, 2 x 2 m Truss and 1 x set of kink elements.



Item no. 112290471

  • 4 x half cones for HOFKon 290-4 (Global/Eurotruss compatible)
  • 9 x adjustable feet (plate Ø 150 mm, M16 thread, hexagon socket and wrench size SW13)
  • Black powder coated



Item no. 112290472

  • 2 x Gala clip-on feet (plate Ø 80 mm, M16 thread, hexagon socket and wrench width SW13)
  • Black powder coated

The front adjustable feet are replaced. In the Add On foot the large foot Ø 150 mm is screwed in and the small Gala foot Ø 80 mm is placed in the front foot stabilizer of the base. The short M16 threaded rod does not protrude from the top of the Base‘s tube profile and the small Gala base Ø 80 mm looks more discreet.



Item no. 112290473

  • Plug-in assembly aid
  • Deflection pulleys for steel cable and chain incl. safety pin
  • Black powder coated



Item no. 112290474

  • Winch mounting plate with 4 truss clamps
  • 900 kg AL-Ko manual winch with 10 m /8 mm wire rope, attached final weight/stop plate
  • second 10 meter /8 mm rope, shackle and ROPEFix 80S as secondary safety device
  • Black powder coated



Item no. 112290475

  • 4 x deflection pulleys for steel cable and chain incl. safety pin
  • 4 x half cones for HOFKon 290-4
  • Black powder coated

VAPATO TRUSS SET for 4,9 m height

Item no. 111290470

  • 1 x HOFKon 290-4 1.000 mm
  • 1 x HOFKon 290-4 1.500 mm
  • 1 x HOFKon 290-4 2.000 mm
  • 2 x HOFKon 290 hinge, kink elements left
  • 2 x HOFKon 290 hinge, kink elements right
  • Black powder coated

VAPATO TRUSS SET for 6,4 m height

Item no. H11290470

  • 1 x HOFKon 290-4 1.000 mm
  • 2 x HOFKon 290-4 1.500 mm
  • 1 x HOFKon 290-4 2.000 mm
  • 2 x HOFKon 290 hinge, kink elements left
  • 2 x HOFKon 290 hinge, kink elements right
  • Black powder coated

Heavy-Duty Flightcase for PA-Tower

Item no. 157900070

Heavy-duty flight case for transporting the PA tower with 120 x 60 cm truck dimensions. The case can be opened on two sides, has five 100 mm heavy-duty castors, two of which are braked and eight large butterfly handles. Dimensions/Weight: 998 (h) x 585 (w) x 1185 mm (d) / 104 kg. The traverse do not fit into the case!

Stacking board

Item no. 500015000

Milled wooden plate with black textured coating. With stacking recesses for Paveosub-218, Paveosub-118 standing in the middle and Paveosub-118 standing next to each other. Long holes for fixation with tension straps. Rubber feet at the bottom which position the board on the foot outriggers and prevent it from slipping. For other loudspeaker manufacturers with a non-slip, fully bonded rubber mat on top.

Wire rope holder

Item no. 999908240

Wire rope holder with overload indicator, for fixing the secondary safety device, black zinc-plated with locking nut and six-ball mechanism. Wire rope diameter to be used: 6 mm | 8 mm.

Shackle with nut and cotter pin

Item no. 999916200

Black shackle for fixing the wire rope holder to the steel plate of the winch section. High-strength tempered, curved shape, bolt with nut and split pin and BGV C1-conform. Load capacity up to 2000 kg.

Steel Rope 8/10000

Item no. 999981000

10 m steel rope 8 mm, for secondary securing, chewed on one side.