Water Sports Palace Luzhniki Moscow, Russia

The water sports palace in Moscow, originally built in the 1950s, was part of the 1980 Olympic Games hosted by the Soviet Union. In the following 60 years the water sports center hosted world championships, European championships and many other water sports competitions.

In 2016 the reconstruction of the park began, which brought it back to life in September 2019. The sports facility was visited by the Russian President Vladimir Putin for its opening ceremony. In addition to its use as a fun and recreational pool, international competitions will again be held in the pools in the future. Today, the Water Sports Palace is the largest swimming pool and one of the largest sports and entertainment complexes in Russia and all of Eastern Europe, where even live events are held.

The Russian Voice-Acoustic distributor Sound Technology LLC won the contract for the installation of the audio-visual technology. For live performances, the Water Sports Palace has a stage with a large, semi-transparent LED back wall. LED lights and moving-heads are installed on chain hoists and trusses.

A Voice-Acoustic Ikarray-12 line-array consisting of 2 x 6 elements is used as sound system. The low frequency range is covered by 8 x Paveosub-118, which are flown behind the array with custom-made frames. For stage monitoring the owner decided to use 8 x CXN-16 wedges and as sidefills on stage 4 x Paveosub-118 with 2 x Modular-15 are used.

All speakers are powered by 8 x HDSP-4A system amplifiers.

Installed Voice-Acoustic equipment: