Sulingen City Theater

The Sulingen City Theater was opened in 1993. The building is connected to the grammar school in Sulingen. The light-colored wood and the light-colored bricks in the theater hall create a very special atmosphere when lit, which captures the stage and the entire audience and enables an impressive theater experience. Due to the slight rise and small elevations, the theater with its 446 seats always offers an excellent view.

The 20-year-old sound system was to be modernized. The contract for the installation was awarded to Audio Studio Nord from Wilhelmshaven. The choice fell on a sound system from Voice-Acoustic. Managing Director Mr. Rauchfleisch on his decision: "During the planning phase, room acoustic simulations were carried out and the best result was achieved by the Ikarray-8 Line Array from Voice-Acoustic.

Due to the very even horizontal 100° radiation pattern, this system does not require nearfill. With the vertically tightly bundled 100° x 5° elements, the sound energy is distributed very well and evenly to the rear seats. With the lowest 100° x 15° element the nearfill is covered. An Ikarray-8 element has four 1" drivers with individual waveguides that lead to an already curved horn flare. The curvature of this constant-curved line array takes place already within each element and therefore more evenly than with conventional line arrays. This results in a cleaner vertical coverage with identical sound quality on every seat. In the bass range the system is complemented by 4 x Paveosub-115. With an overall height of only 36 cm, this 15" bass can be integrated very unobtrusively into the architecture. The Paveosub plays deep down and delivers a high performance that one would not expect from such a compact bass.

The speakers are powered by a HDSP-6A and a HDSP-0.4A.