ROUGE Showpalast Bochum, Germany

In the event location ROUGE Showpalast in Bochum a total quantity of 55 Voice-Acoustic loudspeakers and 6 pieces HDSP-6A system amplifiers are installed, which provide 48.000 W output at 36 amplifier channels.

The ROUGE can be rented as a premium event location and organizes even elaborate dinner variety shows with live performance, concerts and club nights. After an on-site sound demonstration of various loudspeakers during the building phase, the choice of a voice-acoustic sound reinforcement system was obvious.

The location has almost 3.000 qm floor space, which is divided into 6 sound reinforcement zones. It was the client's specification that the guests should move around in a "cloud of sound" everywhere. No matter where the listener sits or stands, he should be surrounded by sound, which has to be at the same volume everywhere during the variety show (+/- 1,5 db). After the Varieté, the Aftershow Party continues. For this purpose the 9 m long catwalk is slid under the stage and the dance floor is made free. The sound system is then switched over with different presets from an acoustic localization drawn towards the stage to a 4-point club sound system. In contrast to the "Variety Preset", which is the same volume everywhere, the volume of the "Club Preset" is louder towards the dance floor and somewhat quieter in the peripheral zones, so that the guests can still talk to the loud club music in the bar area and the VIP zone.

The implementation of the sound reinforcement concept requires many individual amplifier channels in order to be able to delay the high number of loudspeakers individually and adjust the volume to the particular zone. This is where the high efficiency of the 6-channel Voice-Acoustic HDSP-6A system amplifiers becomes apparent. For 36 DSP amplifier channels only 6 amp units are needed. Due to the dual technology of the HDSP amplifiers, the operational reliability is twice as high as with conventional amplifiers.

Installed Voice-Acoustic equipment: