Eier mit Speck Music Festival

Eier mit Speck (translation: Eggs with bacon) is a music festival that has been held every year since 2006 on the last complete weekend in July in Viersen/Germany. The main genres covered by the open-air festival are rock, pop and metal, but also ska and electro.

The name of the festival came from the organizers' consideration of what they found most disturbing at other festivals. In the end they came up with the rather poor breakfast offer there. Soon the idea was born to offer free breakfast (eggs with bacon) and at the same time choose the name of the festival accordingly.

In 2017 the FOH crew tested Voice-Acoustice CXN-16 stage monitor at the festival as part of a test report for tools4music magazine. Front-system was d&b audiotechnik V-series.

The musical range this year was enormous. From metal core to hard rock, brass bands, electro rockers, hip-hop, acoustic and pop acts, everything was there. On three festival days 26 bands played and the musicians and sound technicians were full of compliments about the Voice-Acoustic Wedges.

Test report about the CXN-16