Catholic Church Gwanpyeongdong, South Korea

The architecture of Gwanpyeongdong Catholic Church, with its towering sides, is meant to symbolize the body of Noha Ark, a boat sailing towards the heaven. The interior design was created by Italian architects and designers who were also involved in the renovation of the Vatican. The church is a work of great artistic value.

The building is 28 m long, 17 m wide and 8 m high and has 420 level seats and a balcony. Typical for catholic churches, most of the surfaces are made of marble and a lot of sound-reflecting materials were used, which worsens the reverberation time and room acoustics.

The contract for the installation of the sound system in the church was won by the Voice-Acoustic distributor YNC-Solution with its submitted concept. After EASE room acoustics simulations of various loudspeakers and installation positions, it turned out that a line of 3 LA-Stick 4x4 per side provides a very good acoustic result.

Project Report

The LA-Stick is the only column loudspeaker on the market with a trapezoidal enclosure that can be scaled and angled against each other like a line array to influence the sound energy dispersion. In mobile operation, the angle is adjusted by a continuously variable spindle mechanism on the rear side, which also connects the loudspeaker elements with each other. For installations, fixed angle plates are available in various degrees of graduation. The angle plates were used here to connect the LA-Sticks and to curve them against each other. The complete mechanics are hidden on the back of the speaker. The appearance of the array is therefore very decent without disturbing mechanics or connecting parts on the front or side surfaces.

For the sound reinforcement of the balcony, 4 Alea-4s were mounted on the ceiling of the room. With its beautiful design and compact dimensions, this miniature loudspeaker integrates itself very unobtrusively into the architecture.

Another 4 pieces of Alea-4 are placed on the pulpit and the podium tables as monitor loudspeakers. The Alea-4 has very low feedback, points with a high gain-before-feedback and a very natural and linear sound reproduction. As a result, the Alea-4 enjoys great popularity in many Korean churches and is often used as a monitor loudspeaker there. Often standing directly on the pulpit next to the gooseneck microphones.

At the request of the architect, all speakers and mechanisms were painted in cream white RAL-9001, the color of the walls and ceilings.

The church community is very satisfied with the sound quality of the installed voice-acoustic sound system and the architects and designers are happy about the discreet integration.

The international Worship-AVL magazine published a report about the audio installation with a photo on the front page.

Installed Voice-Acoustic equipment: