Omega, 125th anniversary luxury watches

Omega, the Swiss brand world-famous for its luxury watches, celebrated its 125th anniversary.

The Swiss distribution and rental company BCM Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH provided the technical equipment for the celebration. Several areas were equipped with Voice-Acoustic loudspeakers.

The front system of the main stage consisted of 8 x Ikarray-8 line array elements and 6 x Paveosub-218 subwoofers. As monitoring for the magnificent live band, 8 x CXN-16 with a Paveosub-118 for the drummer were used. Another dance area with DJ was sounded by 6 x Ikarray-12 line-array elements in groundstack on 2 x Paveosub-218. For the sound reinforcement of the lounge areas 2 x Paveosub-112sp, 2 x Paveosub-112 slave with 4 x score 5 were used. Further Score-5 were used in various areas as fill speakers.

Used Voice-Acoustic Equipment: