• 2 x 18" bassreflex subwoofer
  • The anti-double-18" - true impulse response and detailed bass response
  • Speakon connectors in front grille for optimum wiring of cardioid bass arrays
  • Polyurea coating, optional RAL colors (Warnex texture paint)
  • Simple handling and easy stacking through optimized handle position
  • Endwise vertical compatible Ikarray-12 with stacking plate or OPER-Frame
  • Operate flat lying and endwise vertical
  • Deep stilling connector panel
  • Europallet dimension to all 3 sides

Speaker drivers
2 x 18" Neodym long excursion woofer (LF) with 4" voice coil, cone waterproof treatment

Bass reflex subwoofer

Lower cut-off frequency
32 Hz (- 10 dB)
36 Hz (- 3 dB)

Coverage range (h x v)

4 Ω active separated

Powerhandling LF 4 Ω
2.400 W AES / 4.800 W programm / 9.600 W peak

Sensitivity dB SPL 1 W/1 m
102,5 dB SPL (half space)

Sound pressure at (AES / programm / peak)
136 dB SPL / 139 dB SPL / 142 dB SPL

4 x Neutrik NL4 Speakon IN/OUT, 2+/- LF

8 x shell type handle with drip cap

8 x with opposite stacking trays

2 x M20 pole mount
2 x latches on the front for detachable wheelboard

Strong strutted 15 mm birch plywood CNC machine-splined and bolted

Polyurea coating in RAL 9005, optionally water based textured black lacquer RAL 9005, 2 coats of varnish. Surface can be repaired and restored
As an Option, other surface colors according to RAL-tones can be provided in a matter of days

Front grille
Galvanized and powdered black 2 mm honeycomb grille RAL 9005, 10 mm acoustic foam behind grille, front logo
RAL-tones are available as an option to the standard color as well as chrome, and, with or without foam
For ‘No-branding’ installations, the logo on the front grille can be removed without leaving any visible marks

Dimensions / Weight
600 (h) x 1.160 (w) x 770 mm (d) / 80,5 kg