• 2 x 12"/1 x 1,4" hybrid high-performance top unit
  • Radiation exchange with horns 90 x 50° or 60 x 40°
  • World's smallest: 680 (h) x 380 (w) x 400 mm (d)
  • Best sound pressure-weight ratio
  • World's lightest: 27 kg

The TS-212 is a 2-way, bi-amped, hybrid high-performance top unit, with 2 x 12" and 1 x 1.4" Neodym drivers. This speaker sets new standards in its class because of its light weight, compactness and Db SPL. The TS-212 is the world's smallest and lightest double 12" top.

The special placement and location of the two angled midrange horns with the centrally HF Driver enables delivery of a close and tight sound centre, as a pointed sound source.

The housing chambers of the 12" chassis are well ventilated by a “chimney” effect. This is due to the large bass reflex openings which reduce power compression. The amplifier power is thus used more effectively and efficiency is maintained even under long-term full power use. The bass-reflex bandpass hybrid technology of the TS -212 achieves very high efficiency, achieving as low as 100 Hz, and making strong low/mids possible.

The low threshold frequency allows the connection to any subwoofer system.

For fixed installations, the TS-212 has thirteen M10 mounting points with steel inner angles and a pole socket for wall mounts.

For maximum flexibility, the user can choose between two different beam angles, 60° x 40° or 90° x 50°. You can exchange horns at any time with the bi-amping control. The system amplifier HDSP-series has specific speaker settings stored as presets for both horns.


The TS-212 is bi-amping operated on two channels of the HDSP-Amplifiers. This means that the channels can be separately limited, filtering can be optimized and time shifts compensated.

From one HDSP-6 amplifier can be powered bi-amping four TS-212.