• 1 x 15" multiple usage, extensive projection, compact hybrid bass horn scale
  • Horizontally and vertically stackable
  • Speakon connectors in the front grille for optimal wiring of cardioide bass arrays

The Subhorn-115 is a hybrid bass horn with a 15" long excursion/stroke neodymium chassis.

This universal, single or multiple usage, high performance bass offers excellent sound quality in a compact package.

The extremely strong neodymium driver (B/L factor of 28) of the subwoofer reproduces low frequencies cleanly and accurately and at the same time produces a strong, punchy bass kick without being woolly. A clean attack and decay allows a high upper cut-off frequency and thus is useable with almost any top speakers.

The Subhorn-115 is supplied in left and right versions. The basses are assembled with a large horn aperture providing optimal coupling of the sound field resulting in higher efficiency.

The hybrid construction of a single Subhorn produces ample bass. No stacking or doubling up of basses is necessary. (This is normally required with conventional horns in order to effectively provide low frequencies.) The stacking design of horns of the Subhorn-115 with each additional bass has the advantage of enhancing the achievable lower limit frequency.

The stacking cavities and feet on the enclosure allow for horizontal and vertical stacking and ensure a safe arrangement without slipping. The bass can operate lying flat or standing upright. M20 pole mount sockets are installed on two sides of the housing.

There are 6 round handles affixed to the bass enabling handling by only one person. It is ideal for single or multiple usage. The Subhorn-115 masters all sound reinforcement applications either for small events as a satellite system with spacer rod and top unit, or for an event of more than 10.000 people, in large stacks.

The removable front wheel board facilitates transport. The demountable boards are stackable.

In addition to the rear mounted connecters there are two Speakon connectors in the speaker grille. These are used if the bass is located in under stage modules, or for convenient cabling or wiring of the reverse bass in cardioide bass arrays. The sockets in the grille and the back connector are protected against moisture with weather-proof capping.

The large 4"voice coil and elaborate ventilation openings in the magnet system make the chassis very strong, enable heat to be deposed and ensure low power compression. Unlike conventional bass horns, the 15" chassis in the Subhorn-115 is installed inverted for better heat eduction. The membrane cone operates in the sealed enclosure. The magnetic system is cooled by the air stream.

The Subhorn-115 can also be subsequently converted by the factory to the self-powered version with power amplifier module and the DSP board.


The woofer is in 8 Ω.

The Subhorn-115 is powered by one channel (2.400 W/4 Ω) of HDSP-6, HDSP-4 or HDSP-3 nominal impedance is 4 Ω.

HDSP-Amplifiers contain presets to combine subwoofers with Voice-Acoustic tops. There are also presets for cardioid and bass-array application. One HDSP-6 or HDSP-4 can power up to four, one HDSP-3 up to two Subhorn-115.