• 15"/1,4" scalable multi-functional loudspeaker
  • Radiation exchange with rotatable horns 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°
  • Horizontal array options with interference minimisation with 60° x 40° horn*
  • Click-in flyware, tool-free flight mechanics *

The Modular series is extremely flexible and is innovative with its combination of array point source systems and multifunctional usable individual speakers. As well as its use as a single full-range speaker, with high performance head with bass support and high-performance monitor on stage, the Modular series also designed to be used with multiple units next to each other, in a horizontal array design.

Any interference and associated sound interruptions between the sound sources are reduced to a minimum by using special housing geometry, suitable for the narrower beam angle of the rotatable horn. Each horn works only in its defined sound directivity. This technique allows the user an even greater range of applications with only one speaker model and is registered at the Patent Office.

“Easyfly”, (also registered with the Patent Office), is a new ‘one-click’ mechanism which allows tool-free hanging and precise alignment in a few seconds. The mechanism is more elegant and smaller than a conventional rigging brace. The Modular series is equipped with inconspicuous mounting rails on two sides of the housing. This means the speaker can be hung or flown upright or horizontally, using the ‘Easyfly’ mechanism. At the back is a third mounting rail for the compulsory safety cable.

For accurate alignment on a stand or mounting pole, the Modular series has an internal, tilting pole socket enabling and an adjustment of +/- 18° tilt.

The Modular-15 uses a 15" chassis of the latest generation and has been specifically designed for a clean, detailed midrange with a high, undistorted sound pressure. A particularly low moving mass (mms 100g) in conjunction with the extremely powerful neodymium driver (B/L factor 26), ensures the combination of the good transmission qualities of a 12-inch model with the large membrane surface and associated sound pressure of a 15”. The chassis can be driven hard, and heat dissipates optimally keeping the power compression low. This is enabled by the large 4" voice coil and elaborate ventilation openings in the magnet system. The aluminum demodulation rings in the magnet system ensure low distortion.

For installation, the Modular-15 is supplied with the "Easyfly" mechanics, 12 swivel wall brackets or the internal M10 thread points steel inner angles.

The Modular-15 can be subsequently converted in our factory to the self-powered version with power amplifier module and the DSP board.


For maximum flexibility the user can choose between two different beam angles 60° x 40° or 90° x 60°. An exchange of horns can be made by the bi-amping control yourself at any time. In the HDSP amplifiers series and the controller board of the self-powered subwoofer specific speaker settings are saved as presets for both viewing angle.

Modular with 60 x 40° horn (v x h)
Modular with 60 x 40° horn (v x h)
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference


The woofer is in 8 Ohm compression driver in 16 Ω.

Two Modular-15’s can be daisy-chained using a 4-pin cable. They can be looped and operated in parallel by the same amplifier channel.

One HDSP-6 can accommodate up to four Modular-15 bi-amp connections.

Modular-15 bi-amping via HDSP-6
Modular-15 bi-amping via HDSP-6