• 12"/1,4" scalable line array, self-powered bi-amping
  • 2-channel 3,2 kW ampmodul
  • One self-powered Ikarray-12sp can power up to three Ikarray-12 bi-amping
  • Manual DSP control via display, buttons and encoders
  • Software control via USB or Ethernet interface
  • 80 internal Presets
  • EASE Focus 3 licensed
  • 1 x 6 m Schuko/powerCON TRUE1 cable

Speaker drivers
1 x 12" Neodym woofer (LF) with 3" voice coil and V-Plug, cone waterproof treatment
1 x 1,4" Neodym compression driver (HF) with 3" voice coil on double-twin waveformer

2-way, bassreflex line-array element

Frequency range - 10 dB
49 Hz - 18.5 kHz

Frequenzgang +/- 3 dB
62 Hz - 17 kHz

Coverage range (h x v)
100° x 6° (the vertical directivity is controlled by the splay angle between the elements)

Impedance bi-amping
LF 16 Ω / HF 16 Ω

Powerhandling LF 16 Ω
400 W AES / 800 W programm / 1.600 W peak

Powerhandling HF 16 Ω
110 W AES / 220 W programm / 440 W peak

Sensitivity dB SPL 1 W/1 m
LF 98 dB SPL / HF 111 dB SPL

Sound pressure at (AES / programm / peak)
130 dB SPL / 133 dB SPL / 136 dB SPL

2 x Neutrik NL4 Speakon IN/OUT, bi-amping 1+/- HF, 2+/- LF

4 x shell type handle

Array / Ground Stacking: Rigging frame
Up to two elements among each other can flown with the Easy-fly mechanism

30 and 15 mm birch plywood CNC machine-splined and bolted

Water based textured black lacquer RAL 9005, 2 coats of varnish. Surface can be repaired and restored
Optional for fixed installations: other surface colors according to RAL-tones can be provided by Warnex structure paint

Front grille
Galvanized and powdered black honeycomb grille RAL 9005, 10 mm acoustic foam behind grille, front logo
RAL-tones are available as an option to the standard color as well as chrome, and, with or without foam
For ‘No-branding’ installations, the logo on the front grille can be removed without leaving any visible marks

Dimensions / Weight
325 (h) x 605 (w) x 520 mm (d) / 31,9 kg

Integrated 2-Way Amplifier Modul

3rd Generation Class D

Power output CH1 LF
2.400 W/4 Ω, 1.580 W/8 Ω, 800 W/16 Ω

Power output CH2 HF
800 W/4 Ω, 450 W/8 Ω, 200 W/16 Ω

Amplifier gain
LF 32 dB, HF 26 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio
> 120 dB (A-Bewertet, 20 - 20.000 Hz, 8 Ω)

Damping factor
> 1.000 (8 Ω, 1 kHz)

THD+N < 0,05 % (20 - 20.000 Hz, 8 Ω)

Input limiter, peak limiter
Start-up current limiting (soft start)
Protection circuit on and off transients
Under and over-voltage protection
DC-protection of outputs
Temperature monitoring of the heatsink and transistors

Intelligent PFC wide-range power supply with soft start and automatic voltage selection:
85 - 135 V = 110 / 115 / 120 V Betrieb, 190 - 265 V = 220 / 230 / 240 V Betrieb, 50/60 Hz

Integrated Loudspeaker Management System (DSP-Board)

Manual hand operation
2 button and 1 x digital encoder-wheel for the internal menu navigation, function lockable

Operable language
Selectable between English, German, France, Spain

Softwareconnection, bi-directional
USB, Ethernet

Controllable units about software
Up to 128 self-powered loudspeaker and HDSP-amplifier in one network

Realtime software-monitoring for PC and MAC
Loudspeaker impedance measuring from each output channel (line-control)
Temperature measuring from the ampmodule
Real time meterbridge on PC per channel
Real time access for configuration
Speaker group building for access multiple speakers with one command
Display with software dimmable and switchable out
Standby switchable
Konfiguration und real-time monitoring über VA-WLAN Remotesoftware für PC und Mac

DSP preset memory quantity
80 Presets

64 bit, 96 kHz sample rate

Dynamic range input
120 dB

Maximum input level
+ 23 dB

0 - max. 500 microsecond

2-input signals can mix together in one loudspeaker

EQ filter
10 parametric filter each in- and output (20), use as Bell, Shelving, Notch, or Allpass filter

Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley

In each input and output, the user have no access on the ouput limiter (components protection)

Long delay section
0 up to 800 ms (max. 275 m delay) in each input for the user

Short delay section
0 up to 17 ms (max. 6 m delay) per output for time alignment between the acoustic centers

Phase adjustment
0 - 180°