• 12"/1,4" scalable line array, bi-amping
  • Coverage range 100° x 6°
  • Optimum coupling to each other by double-twin waveformer and V-plug
  • Infinitely variable spindle adjustment for angle adjustment of the elements under load
  • Click in Easyfly mechanics, elegant suspension in single operation
  • Truck dimension only 60,5 cm
  • EASE Focus 3 licensed
Ikarray-12 Cover

Ikarray-12 Cover

Item no. 501201000

Transport and rain cover for four Ikarray-12 in Groundstacking, stable Cordura fabric with padding, all handles and connections are cut.

Dolly Ikarray-12

Item no. 501204000

Dolly for transport of up to 4 x Ikarray-12, with mounting mechanics and braked 100 mm castors.

Ikarray-12 Stackboard

Item no. 501205000

Stackboard for the installation of up to 4 x Ikarray-12 on a Paveosub-218 or 118. The rubber feet can be moved so that they fit into the stacking recesses of the subwoofer.

Rigging frame

Item no. 401201001

Frame for suspending the Ikarray-12 line array system. Can also be used in groundstacking.

Outriggers for rigging frame

Item no. 401201101

Two Outriggers for proper leveling and aligning the rigging frame for ground stacking without subwoofers.

LAP-TEQ Clinometer

LAP-TEQ Clinometer

Item no. 987001008

Device for precise positioning of line arrays. The set consists of a display module and two sensor modules with a resolution of 0.01° within an angle of +/- 40°.

Digital dual axis angle protractor

Item no. 999936000

Digital dual axis angle protractor with a resolution of 0.01°. The device has an audible signal when the desired inclination. By magnetic feet at the 4 corners, the unit can be mounted either at the rigging frame or directly on the front grille of the loadspeaker.


Item no. 999936000

Tool-free flight mechanics for clicking and exact alignment of the speaker in the horizontal and vertical axis.

Carrying bag for Easyfly-Mechanics

Carrying bag for Easyfly-Mechanics

Item no. 409992000

Carrying bag for up to two Easyfly-Mechanics heads with attached traverse clamp plus accessory compartment for two safetys with single studs.

Universal suspension arrangement for flight mechanics

Universal suspension arrangement for flight mechanics

Item no. 409992001

For mounting the Easyfly- and the flight-mechanism of the LA-Stick 4x4 by chains on very high ceilings, where a mounting with heavy duty anchors is not possible. U-bracket of the flight mechanics is not included.

Speakon 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.


Item no. 999654669

Speakonadapter to connect two speaker cables.