• 12"/1,4" scalable line array, bi-amping
  • Coverage range 100° x 6°
  • Optimum coupling to each other by double-twin waveformer and V-plug
  • Infinitely variable spindle adjustment for angle adjustment of the elements under load
  • Click in Easyfly mechanics, elegant suspension in single operation
  • Truck dimension only 60,5 cm
  • EASE Focus 3 licensed

The Ikarray-12 is an innovative 2-way bi-amping, full range line-array. This lightweight, compact unit with many intelligent detail solutions is suited for everything from small events up to large venues with many thousand listeners.

Much emphasis has been placed on constant directivity and linear frequency response even outside the mid-axis. This has been achieved on the horizontal level with one 12-incher, single mounted to give a wide dispersion without restrictions such as those caused when two transducers are placed next to each other (d’appolito effect).

The vertically optimal coupling of elements is possible due to the tight spacing and division of the acoustic centers into multiple virtual sound sources: a 1.4" exit high frequency driver is coupled on a special Double-Twin waveformer, which splits the sound source into 4 subsections. A newly developed V-plug has been mounted in front of the 12" low-mid transducer to segment the large membrane into two sections, shifting the acoustic center outwards. The Double-Twin waveformer and V-plug make it possible to reduce the distance between the acoustic sources to a minimum, optimizing the frequency cut-off and the coupling. This technology has made it possible to use a 12" transducer in 2-way operation in compliance with physical laws to achieve a typical coherent line-array vertical wavefront.

In comparison to many other arrays of this size, the Ikarray-12 has a warm sound with powerful low-mids that allow a low x-over. As a result, the Ikarray-12 can be used for many purposes without subwoofers.

With completed dimensions of only 60.5 cm, the Ikarray-12 keeps within the advantageously trucking dimensions and is world-wide the narrowest in the 12"/1.4" class. Used in the ground-stack position on the upright Paveosub-218, which has the same width, it exhibits an elegant silhouette and giving an optical unity.

The splaying between the individual Ikarray units is achieved by an innovative infinitely adjustable spindle mechanism. This enables more precise adjustment and optimization of acoustics than has been possible up to now with traditional locking-pin rigging systems. As an additional feature the fine adjustment of the mechanism can also be done under load.

For changing an angle between the elements the complicated unloading and de-rigging of the array become unnecessary. This saves a lot of time and makes work easier. Outriggers with adjustable feet can be mounted on the Rigging frame for ground stacking without subs. To create a sleek and discreet look, the line-array locking pin connection has been sunken into the loudspeaker body without extending parts.

A single unit can be directly mounted on a pole or tripod without a frame and can be adjusted. For this purpose, a pan-tilt box flange has been integrated into the floor of the box. For smaller venues with only one or two flying arrays, neither the larger rigging frame nor any other specialty parts are needed. For this purpose, the Ikarray-12 is equipped with the specially designed VA-flying tracks that click into the elegant Easy-fly mechanism – also used in the modular series.


The Ikarray-12 is bi-amping operated on two channels of the HDSP-Amplifiers. This way both channels can be limited, filtered, separated from each other and compensated for time differences. Woofer and tweeter have a resistance of 16 Ω.

Up to 4 Ikarray-12’s can use a 4-pin plug. Cables are looped and operated in parallel by the same amplifier channels at 4 Ω.

For one HDSP-6 amp, up to 8 pieces Ikarray-12 bi-amping can be connected, enabling an extremely economical amplification.

One self-powered Ikarray-12sp can power up to three additional bi-amping units – extremely cost effective.

For easy wiring without a single line, a multi-core speaker splitter box is available as an accessory.

Ikarray-12 bi-amping via HDSP-6
Ikarray-12 bi-amping via HDSP-6