• 2 x 5"/1 x 1", 2-way d'Appolito multifunctional loudspeaker, bass reflex
  • High range and speech intelligibility with more direct sound
  • Voice and background music without separate subwoofer
  • Monitor operation possible with 25° and 55°
  • Tool-free mounting by means of multifunctional brackets
  • A rear, decent handle makes handling easier
Score-5 Bag

Score-5 Bag

Item no. 505002000

Carrying case for up to two Score-5 with mounted L-bracket and additional front pocket for accessories.

Flightcase for Score-5

Item no. 505003000

Heavy-duty flightcase for up to four Score-5 including mounted L-brackets. Extra compartment for various accessories, 4 Blue Wheels, 2 large butterflys, 8 large folding handles and 4 stacking recesses in the lid. 9 mm wood with black and scratch-resistant surface, stable 35 x 35 mm edge profile with 2.5 mm material thickness and 5 mm outer radius and recessed rivet groove. Dimensions/Weight: 920 (h) x 585 (w) x 585 mm (d) / 42,5 kg.

L-bracket Set Score-5

L-bracket Set Score-5

Item no. 405001901

Complete set to mount the Score-5 loudspeaker on a tripod or a distance rod. The multifunctional bracket is mounted on the tripod or distance rod without the need for tools. The loudspeaker is also mounted without tools on the rear panel. This is done by means of camlock connectors. With this set the Score-5 can be steplessly tilted forwards or backwards on a tripod or spacer rod.

L-bracket Score-5

L-bracket Score-5

Item no. 405001001

Multifunctional bracket for Score-5 speakers. The bracket is mounted on the back in seconds without tools. This is done vertically or horizontally by means of camlock connectors. With appropriate accessories, the speaker can be used on a tripod or flown upright and crosswise.

Truss clamp

Truss clamp

Item no. 999981201

With this traverse clamp you can easily and loosely mount your devices to all common traverses with 48-51mm strap tubes. The clamp impresses with its compact design, its lightness and the maximum tensile load of 100 kg. Locking screw M8 Wing nut and device screw M10.

Truss clamp adapter for Score-5

Truss clamp adapter for Score-5

Item no. 405001101

The truss clamp adapter has been specially developed for the Score-5 loudspeaker's multifunction bracket. In combination with the truss clamp, the multi-function bracket can then be continuously tilted forwards or backwards, or can also be used as a wall and ceiling bracket.

Tripod transducer

Tripod transducer

Item no. 999924521

The tripod transducer is suitable for all common speaker stands with Ø 35 mm. With threaded pin M10 x 12 mm and large clamping screw for locking on the stand.

C-bracket for Score-5

C-bracket for Score-5

Item no. 405003001

Stable swivel bracket for horizontal and vertical mounting on walls or ceilings. The bracket is attached to the rear M6 mounting points.

Score-5 suspension arrangement

Score-5 suspension arrangement

Item no. 405001301

The Score-5 can be suspended from high heights by means of chains or steel cables and aligned vertically using the suspension device and a rear-mounted crossbar clamp. In conjunction with the Universal Suspension Device for Flight Mechanics, horizontal alignment is also possible.

Universal suspension arrangement for flight mechanics

Universal suspension arrangement for flight mechanics

Item no. 409992001

For mounting the Easyfly- and the flight-mechanism of the LA-Stick 4x4 by chains on very high ceilings, where a mounting with heavy duty anchors is not possible. U-bracket of the flight mechanics is not included.

Single stud

Item no. 999957450

Single stud for securing a loudspeaker with safety cable. Clicking in the back of the flight rail from the loutspeaker.

Chain fastener

Item no. 999908000

Chain fastener for single stud, stud or double safety.

Safety cable

Item no. 999963100

1 m safety cable 6 mm Ø for securing a suspended loudspeaker. One side with a quick link.

Speaker stand crank

Item no. 999921300

Stable speaker stand for cranks with 50 kg load capacity and double protection against falling. Height: 139 to 218 cm.

Speaker stand

Item no. 999921467

Stable speaker stand for extraction with 50 kg load capacity, double protection against falling. Expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Height: 132 to 220 cm.

Speaker rod crank

Item no. 999921340

Speaker rod crank with 50 kg load capacity and expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base of the speaker. Height: 92 to 152 cm

Speaker rod

Item no. 999921368

Speaker rod with 35 kg load capacity and expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base of the speaker. Height: 110 to 180 cm

Iron base 45 cm

Item no. 999912311

10 kg iron base 45 cm with 5 kg weight plate for rods with M20 screw thread. 15 kg total weight for maximum stability.

Carrier bag for round base

Carrier bag for round base

Item no. 999912399

Robust carrying bag for round base Ø 450 mm

Iron base 55 cm

Item no. 999926705

55 cm iron base for M20 distance rods. Elegant base with intergrated handle and cable managemnet. Weight: 13,5 kg.

Carrying bag for Iron base 55 cm

Carrying bag for Iron base 55 cm

Item no. 999933100

Robust carrying bag for Iron base 55 cm. With zipper and cushioned handle. Tear-resistant nylon material.

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/speaker rod

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/speaker rod

Item no. 999920000

Carrying bag for two speaker stands or distance rods with crank. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles. Material waterproof nylon.

Carrying bag for 2 x telescopic distance rods

Carrying bag for 2 x telescopic distance rods

Item no. 999921000

Extremely robust, padded carrying bag for two telescopic distance rods without crank, with two carrying straps and zippers. The padded partition wall protects the two distance rods from scratching. The floor and all load points are reinforced. Made of easy-care water-repellent nylon.

Speaker ceiling mount

Speaker ceiling mount

Item no. 999924496

Robust and useful loudspeaker ceiling mount with 250 mm distance and internal cable management. The swivel area is +/-45 °. Within the parameters - the settings range from 0 to 45°. Carrying capacity 25 kg.

Tilt and swivel wall holder

Item no. 999924481

Stable wall holder with tilt and swivel orientation: 140° horizontal, 30° vertically adjustable. If the back fastened with two M6 screws on the speakers and is therefore discreet and elegant behind the speaker. 25 kg carrying capacity.

Speakon 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.


Item no. 999654669

Speakonadapter to connect two speaker cables.