• 1 x 15" compact bass reflex subwoofer
  • World's flattest 15" bass with only 36 cm height
  • Horizontal and vertical usable
  • Additional Speakon plugs in the grille for front connection

The Paveosub-115 is a very compact bass reflex subwoofer for universal applications.

With its low profile of only 36 cm and a width and depth of only 54 x 57 cm, the bass is ideal for fixed installations where a discreet appearance is required and the loudspeakers need to be integrated into the architecture as unobtrusively as possible.

In mobile use, the Paveosub-115 saves a lot of space and weight with a transport volume of only 110 litres. The two large handles can take hold from all sides and are located at the centre of gravity.

A removable and stackable front wheel board is available as an accessory for easy handling of the subwoofer, which weighs only 27 kg. The optional transport protective cover also can be used as weather protection at outdoor events.

The Paveosub-115 is equipped with a newly developed neodymium transducer with 4" voice coil that can handle 1.200 W AES. The magnet system has three demodulation rings for particularly low distortion. Massive cooling fins ensure low power compression at maximum performance. Together with a high linear excursion and a low moving mass, the subwoofer offers deep, powerful and at the same time very precise bass reproduction.

Internal bracing ensures maximum stability and prevents unwanted cabinet resonances.

The Paveosub-115 can be connected from the front via two Speakon plugs on the front side of the grille, for example to use under stage podiums or in cardioid applications. To protect against dirt and moisture, the Speakons are covered with undetachable rubber caps.

The subwoofer can be used flat or upright. On two sides there are stacking moulds, rubber feet and M20 flanges for flexible use with an attractive appearance, depending on the combined satellite loudspeakers. Standing upright, the Paveosub forms a very slim silhouette.

The stacking moulds on the top of the sub are in the same foodprint as the CXN-16 stage monitor. In addition, both loudspeakers have a width of 54 cm and thus form an elegant optical unit and are a professional set for drum or DJ monitoring, for example. A self-powered Paveosub-115sp can power a CXN-16 bi-amping in half-powered mode.

The Paveosub-115 can also be converted at the factory to the self-powered version with 3-channel 4 kW power amplifier module and DSP board.


The woofer is in 8 Ω.

The Paveosub-115 is powered by one channel (2.400 W/4 Ω) of HDSP-6, HDSP-4 or HDSP-3 nominal impedance is 4 Ω.

HDSP-Amplifiers contain presets to combine subwoofers with Voice-Acoustic tops. There are also presets for cardioid and bass-array application. One HDSP-6 or HDSP-4 can power up to four, one HDSP-3 up to two Paveosub-115.

Paveosub-115 control via HDSP-6
Paveosub-115 control via HDSP-6
Paveosub-115 control via HDSP-3
Paveosub-115 control via HDSP-3