Paveosub-112sp DDA

  • 1 x 12" compact self powered bass reflex subwoofer
  • 3-channel 4 kW ampmodul: 1 x 2.400 W + 2 x 800 W at 4 Ω
  • Horizontally and vertically stackable
  • Bi-amping function
  • Manual control via display, push-button and encoder
  • Software control via Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet)
  • 120 internal Presets
  • World's flattest 12" bass with only 30 cm height
  • 1 x 6 m Schuko/powerCON TRUE1 cable

The Paveosub-112sp DDA is a very compact self-powered bass reflex subwoofer intended for universal applications; as a mobile unit or in fixed installations. With a height of only 30 cm, it is the flattest 12" sub in the world and can be used where high sound pressure and deep working sound are required in constricted spaces.

The 4 kW 3-channel amplifier module makes the Paveosub-112sp DDA ideal for building powerful satellite systems.

The design of the flat box renders the subwoofer tilt resistant and makes for ideal use together with satellite tops on speaker rod cranks. In an upright-standing position, the Paveosub-112sp DDA forms an elegant silhouette with column loudspeakers or Line-Array-Sticks.

The 2 x 4 rubber feet on the narrow and the wide sides of the casing, each with stacking notches on opposite sides, guarantee a secure standing and no slipping. There are two integrated M20 flange nuts for mounting the Paveosub-112sp DDA in a flat-lying or upright-standing position, ensuring flexible use and an attractive look depending on the combination of top units.

The Paveosub’s stacking notches have the same footprint as the Modular-10 lying in the monitor position. Additionally, both loudspeakers have the same 52 cm measurements and optically form one unit. This arrangement constitutes a professional drum fill and is also very space saving on stage.

The extremely powerful motor (B / L factor 26) of the high-quality 12" neodymium chassis guarantees fast and accurate signal reproduction with excellent transient response. The speaker features a large 4" voice coil, a sophisticated ventilation system and a lower power compression than conventional bass drivers: As a result the amplifier performance is implemented effectively and efficiency is maintained even under permanent full scale use.

The two bass reflex ports are mounted on either side. This arrangement prevents a tumbling of the additional double-suspended membrane at high x-max as the air can escape on all sides and a uniform counter pressure is produced. The box walls have also been braced with this kind of tunnel arrangement. Other internal bracings ensure maximum stability and prevent unwanted resonance.

Two round handles, accessible from all sides and a detachable front wheel board make for easy handling.

The active electronics are convection cooled by a large heatsink and are maintenance free. No dust or moisture can be sucked or drawn in, making the Paveosub-112sp DDA ideal for permanent installations. The robust cooling fins are amply rounded and have no sharp edges.

The control unit, DSP unit, signal connections and the Speakon OUT terminal are protected against moisture with a weather-proof, transparent cover. The cooling system is waterproof and the powerCON TRUE1 connectors are equipped with a rubber sealing cap.


The woofer is in 8 Ω.

The 12"chassis of the Paveosub-112sp DDA is powered by one channel (1.580 W/8 Ω) of the internal power amplifier module. 2 x 800 W/4 Ω are available for satellite or monitors.

A Paveosub-112sp DDA can power a second Paveosub-112 and power up to 4 additional speakers.

Paveosub-112 control via Paveosub-112sp DDA
Paveosub-112 control via Paveosub-112sp DDA