Modular-15sp DDA

  • 15"/1,4" scalable multi-functional loudspeaker
  • 2-channel 3,2 kW ampmodul
  • Radiation exchange with rotatable horns 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°
  • Horizontal array options with interference minimisation with 60° x 40° horn*
  • Click-in flyware, tool-free flight mechanics *
  • Bi-amping function
  • Manual control via display, push-button and encoder
  • Software control via Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet)
  • 120 internal Presets
  • 1 x 6 m Schuko/powerCON TRUE1 cable

The Modular-15sp DDA has 2-way self-powered bi-amping speakers with top-notch 15"/ 1.4" neodym drivers, an internal 3.2 kW power amplifier module and the DSP loudspeaker management system with extensive features. The DSP has high computing power and all the standard controller functions.

DDA stands for a new generation of DSP and input boards that can process a variety of signals: DANTE, Digital AES/EBU, AES67 and analog inputs. The signals can be looped further.

The integrated amplifier and DSP blocks used are identical to the HDSP amplifier series and the VA-WLAN remote software. The Modular-15sp and Modular-15 are compatible and can operate together. They provide the same 100% performance, and the same control and monitoring software in a combined software network.

The Modular-15sp DDA is a plug and play speaker. All required settings for different configurations are stored as factory presets in the internal memory. For best performance and reliability, simply select the corresponding preset on the Display for use as either, a stand-alone full-range speaker, or a top speaker with bass support, or a monitor on stage, or with multiple units flown in an array.

There are still a number of other features, options and access settings available for the experienced technician and professional audio user.

On the back is a special built-in Display button and Encoder control wheel. It is possible to access almost all the parameters without PC control and the functions can be locked and password protected. The Display has a 2-stage dimmer and can also be switched off completely to prevent unwanted stray light on, or beside, stages. By pressing a key or the encoder, the Display activates again.

The active electronics are convection cooled by a large heatsink and are maintenance free. No dust or moisture can be sucked or drawn in, making the Modular-15sp DDA ideal for permanent installations. The robust cooling fins are amply rounded and have no sharp edges.


For maximum flexibility the user can choose between two different beam angles 60° x 40° or 90° x 60°. An exchange of horns can be made by the bi-amping control yourself at any time. In the HDSP amplifiers series and the controller board of the self-powered subwoofer specific speaker settings are saved as presets for both viewing angle.

Modular with 60 x 40° horn (v x h)
Modular with 60 x 40° horn (v x h)
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference
Modular with rotated 40 x 60° horn (v x h) minimisation interference


A Modular-15sp DDA can feed a Modular-15 bi-amp via a 4 pin cable.

The woofer is designed in 8 Ω, 16 Ω in the compression driver.

Modular-15 bi-amping via Modular-15sp DDA
Modular-15 bi-amping via Modular-15sp DDA
SubSat-15sp Set
SubSat-15sp Set