PD-32-6 V2 powerCON


  • Intelligent Powerdistributor
  • Precise Multi Meter
  • New RCBO machines for highest reliability
  • 32 A CEE IN
  • 6 x Neutrik powerCON Out
  • 6 x Schuko Out
  • Swiss T23 standard or French/Belgian Schuko possible
  • 1 x 32 A CEE Out
  • Back ground screw
  • Road-suitable, stable housing

Intelligent power distributor, suitable for applications in temporary and permanent installations.

For maximum operating reliability of all connected equipment and smallest possible cut-offs the PD-32-6 V2 is equipped with novel fault current managment systems.

Standard power distributors have one residual-current-operated protective device (RCD) only. Each cut-off affacts the whole system and all power for all devices is off. The PD-32-6 V2 features six independent circuits (RCBO) which allows to switch off only the defective circuit and all other equipments remains online – The show can go on.

Big advantage is that possible errors can be spotted more easy as only the switched off equipment has to be monitored. A multimeasuring tool is also included to make mistake spotting even more easy and faster.

The built-in Run-time counter is essential in rental business and helps checking the real run-time of your equipment and checking the right maintenance periods.

In all three versions it has a 32 A CEE input with permanently connected 2 m cable H07RN-F 5G6 and a 32 A CEE output. Further outputs are designed as 6 x Schuko hinged cover sockets, and in parallel either 6 x Neutrik powerCON, 6 x Neutrik powerCON TRUE1, or 1 x Multipin ILME 16 pin. The Schuko hinged lid sockets can optionally be replaced by Swiss T23 standard or French/Belgian Schuko.

The PD-32-6 V2 power distributor is housed in a 19"/3HE housing.

One PD-32-6 V2 can power six HDSP-6 system amplifiers. The power distributor can use the same stack-rack system as the amplifier and can connected with the internal stack rack mechanism to a tower on the special stack rack wheelboard.

Connection diagram PD-32-6 V2 powerCON
Connection diagram PD-32-6 V2 powerCON