Alexey Kozlov's club number 1 in the world

Alexey Kozlov's club topped the ranking of the top 100 jazz clubs in the world according to the poll conducted by the independent American resource With a margin of more than 100 votes, the Russian (Moscow) Alexey Kozlov's Jazz Club won!

The company Sound Technology LLC is a technical partner of the Alexey Kozlov Jazz Club. After the club restart in 2017, task of sound equipment installation in the club was successfully completed.

To perform this task, German equipment Voice Acoustic was used, which is distinguished by its reliability, clarity of sound and amazing power with compact dimensions.

It should be noted that since the installation of Voice Acoustic equipment in the Alexey Kozlov's club (since 2017), more than 1,700 concerts have been held and there has not been a single breakage.

Sound equipment Voice Acoustic that was used to equip the Alexey Kozlov Jazz Club:

  • HDSP-6A Amplifier
  • HDSP-4A Amplifier
  • Paveosub-112sp
  • Paveosub-112
  • Subhorn-115
  • Paveosub-118
  • Monitor system CXN-16
  • Modular-10
  • Modular-15
  • Score-5
  • LA-Stick 4x4

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