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Interaktive User-Network



Interaktive User-Network

Voice-Acoustic expands its service offering with an interactive online user network on the company's website.

The network is intended to promote cooperation among Voice-Acoustic users and help with temporary material or personnel bottlenecks. Potential end customers can use the search function to find suppliers and dealers and place jobs at Voice-Acoustic users.

Please register you in the user list if you want to be networked with other Voice-Acoustic users or if you want to be found by potential customers. The register is for all Voice-Acoustic users, regardless of whether new or used goods have been bought. You can update your material stock in the list at any time.

User-Network ...

Download Registration form. (Can only be filled out offline, not in the browser!)

Please send the filled out PDF form back to

All registered users will receive a login as soon as the service is online.

Product-catalog 2019

Neuer Produktkatalog

Voice-Acoustic Data for ULYSSES-User

Voice-Acoustic has provided speaker data for ULYSSES users. ULYSSES is a room and electroacoustic simulation software from the German company IFBsoft.


Powerdistributor now in three versions

In all three versions it has a 32 A CEE input and output. Further outputs are designed as 6 x Schuko hinged cover sockets, and in parallel either 6 x Neutrik powerCON, 6 x Neutrik powerCON TRUE1, or 1 x Multipin ILME 16 pin.


... more about PD-32-6 V2

Voice Acoustic Line-Array Ikarray-8 in test

In issue 11/2018 of the trade magazine Production Partner there was a 12-page test report on the Voice-Acoustic Ikarray-8 constant-curved Line Array.

This test report is now available for download in english language.

Sound Technology LLC

Demo room for Voice-Acoustic in Moscow

Our Russian distribution partner Sound Technology LLC has finished its big showroom at its new location in Moscow. Of course everything will be sounded with Voice-Acoustic products.

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