CXN-16 Set

Plug & Play Monitor System

  • 4 x HDSP-6 amplifiers
  • 8 x CXN-16

The HDSP-6 system power amplifiers are the heart of the Voice Acoustic monitoring system.

The system is ‘Plug and Play’. Plug it in, and it is ready for use. All components are matched, adjusted and limited via the integrated speaker management system (DSP). The sound is synchronised right away, without having to make further adjustments.

The CXN-16 is a multi-functional bi-amping high performance monitor. It's appealing rounded shape let it integrate easily in any venue in an elegant and unobtrusive way. A small footprint and outstanding performance go hand in hand and make sure it is always a perfect choice no matter if it's a confined stage or the biggest venue. The CXN-16 has the world's best size-weight-power ratio: 540 x 540 x 360 mm, 26 kg, 1.000 W AES, 101 db Sensitivity.

4 x 8" equals 16" and surpasses the capabilities of standard 15" designs. Four separate 2,5" woofer voice coils plus a dedicated 3" horndriver provide much more space for heat dissipation and reduce powercompression. Amplifier power is used more efficiently.

The rugged grille is made from 2 mm steel and it's curved shaped is reinforced by welded bracings on each side and additional support in the middle on top of the horn. It is hardwearing of course. A small tunnel on the bottom allows cabling to be routed through beneath the monitor. A tilting pole socket, the popular Easyfly mechanism and a flying track for safety cable make CXN-16 into a multifunctional tool for professionals.

CXN-16 Set
CXN-16 Set