Aleasub-10 Install Set

Plug & Play Satellite System

  • 1 x HDSP-3 amplifier
  • 4 x Alea-4 with u-bracket (max. 8 piece)
  • 2 x Aleasub-10

The HDSP-3 system power amplifier is the heart of the Aleasub-10 Install Set Plug & Play Satellite System. The system is ‘Plug and Play’. Plug it in, and it is ready for use. All components are matched, adjusted and limited via the integrated speaker management system (DSP). The sound is synchronised right away, without having to make further adjustments.

Experienced technicians and professional audio operator can still alter the functions and have access capabilities to the DSP settings. Access to almost all parameters without PC control can be made using the Display buttons and encoder wheel. The functions can be password protected obviating unauthorized interference. Complex configurations can be comfortably created via the Ethernet, or an integrated bi-directional wireless interface on the PC surface, using the VA-WLAN remote software for PC and Mac. Individual sound ideas and alterations can be saved as presets and recalled at any time.

The aesthetic design of the Alea-4 compact loudspeaker captivates with its high level of efficiency and linear frequency response, all packed into the smallest box dimensions. It is perfectly suited to various sound reinforcement applications, as a main or fill system. Its compact appearance allows it to be integrated into just about every stage scene.

The next generation lightweight 4" neodymium wideband transducer is water resistant. The Alea-4 can also be utilized in high moisture areas and even temporary exposure to rain. Connection is achieved with two Neutrik Speakons in addition to a parallel 4 pole Phoenix contact connector.

The Aleasub-10 is a subwoofer specifically designed as low frequency extension of our successful Alea-4. It serves all media and installation needs with its discreet yet classy modern design and satisfies even increased demand for optical appearance. Small size goes hand in hand with high efficiency, a powerful low end and very precise sound reproduction.

Due to their uniform design all Alea speakers offer the same creative potential. Like Alea-4 also the Alea-10 can be custom designed with all RAL and *effect* colours, as well as bi- or triple-coloured. A different colour can be designated to cabinet, micromesh honeycomb grille and *zierring*.
Grille and *zierring* can also be coated in gold or chrome. This way it's even possible to adapt the Aleasub-10 to your own CI needs.

There is an optional heavy-duty bracket to mount the system on ceilings or *traversen*. Like Alea-4 we offer a concealed and elegant wall mount. The back plate is recessed into the cabinet leaving space for a shallow wall mount and Phoenix Contact connectors.

The possibility of splitting, extension, scaling, ease of use and comprehensive, well thought out accessories complete the Aleasub-10 Install Set and make it a universal PA tool with a very wide range of applications.

Aleasub-10 Install Set
Aleasub-10 Install Set